Fly Casting Tips For Saltwater

Fly Casting Tips For Saltwater

“The Captain Russ 3 Week Diet Casting Plan” is …

How To Retrain The Brain for Saltwater Fly Casting.

It’s a SAD thing, this saltwater fly casting, that’s (Speed Accuracy Distance). I have many clients who have fly fished for years or even decades, most have caught many fish but mostly in freshwater. Because the saltwater environment is so much different and challenging, many hit what I call the “Humble Wall Of Reality” when saltwater fly casting.

For this very reason I have created my own casting solution. Not only did it work for me and is basically my own written progression through the problem, but I have used it for most of my career to help charter clients who are saltwater challenged and want to reach a higher level of casting technique through proper fly casting instruction.

Fly Casting Tight Loops Are The Key To Saltwater Fly Fishing
Learn The Top Secrets To Saltwater Fly Casting

Client email I recently received who took me up on my plan:

“Russ, I wanted to give you a quick status report on your “Captain Russ 3 Week Diet Casting Plan”.  When I returned to San Antonio after our trip, I bought the videos you recommended and followed your instructions to the letter, especially your advice that “if you need more time on this _______ control thing then do it before moving on to the next step”.  I can’t tell you how much it’s helped.  I’m sure I still have a lot of room for improvement but I believe I am a fundamentally different caster than the one you saw in June.  You were right, a month made all the difference in the world.  I’m looking forward to June 2016 when we get together again and you can see the change that has occurred.  In the meantime, I wanted to let you know very much I appreciate your help.  Thank you.”



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